A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

15-year-old Bernie Janson had a normal, high school life, before a terrible car crash sending his mother to death. What's worse, he was in the car with her and he watched her die but unable to help. Bernie became overwhelmed with trauma and couldn't leave his house for days. But he saw his mother once again...

For three weeks, he had a dream. Or in this case, a nightmare, for it haunted him. A nightmare that always came back to his mother from entering this machine: The Nightmare Machine, bringing back his worst fear. And before he knew it, he was seconds away before blasting off in what he presumed to be a horror game. Horror? Yes. Game? No. What he saw was real. He saw his mother. But is it really his mother? Or a sociopath. Or is it just a game?  Reveal the truth in Bernie's Nightmare...


  • WASD to move
  • Left click to interact
  • Middle click to drop objects
  • F to turn flashlight on/off
  • Q to Exit hiding 
  • Esc to pause game
  • Right click to hide
  • Hold shift to run
  • Control to crouch
  • Space to jump

Includes :
*Full control of lights, turn light switches and lamps on/off
*Large map
*Smart enemy AI and random patrol
*Hold and drop objects
*Hiding Spots

Game will be available on Steam soon..

Install instructions

Download and Unzip "Bernie's Nightmare Final Game.zip" , if you are a Windows user, click on "Bernie's Nightmare Final Game.exe" to play game. Linux users, game file is inside the folder "Linux Game File". Thank you for downloading and enjoy...


Bernie's Nightmare Windows 241 MB
Bernie's Nightmare Linux 266 MB
Bernie's Nightmare MacOS 248 MB

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