A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Jack Is Missing is now Free!

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/921500/Jack_Is_Missing/

NOTE: This game was a prototype with simple story lines and a one room based level.

This Itch.io demo version is not complete, the whole game is on steam.

A Game About Friendship and Jealousy

Jack had always thought Kevin was his best friend, until the day he was murdered by him. After the murder, Kevin felt hunted and that Jack's ghost was at the hotel to take revenge, but he assured himself that it was only his brain feeling guilty... Play as Kevin in this horror journey, who had just come back to the hotel after murdering Jack. You can interact with Kevin's laptop which reveals Kevin's evil plan. You can also interact and examine objects, as well as making phone calls with the telephone in the hotel room.

Key Features

Immersive Experience: The levels are beautifully rendered to bring true horror.

Interact With Objects: Full control of lights.

Examinable Objects: Read notes and examine objects.

Interactable computer

Interactable phone

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file to play :)  


Jack Is Missing Demo Windows 221 MB
Jack Is Missing Demo Linux 240 MB
Jack Is Missing MacOS 225 MB

Development log


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Erm... no. Nope, nope. This is not a good game, I'm so sorry, but the "thing in the bath" was bad and not scary whatsoever, and the fact that you have used text to speech for the character's voice... I mean COME ON! Meh... hard to find good free indies nowadays..

well at least you were nice about this LOL! XD

(1 edit)

Sorry, reading it back again I might have been a bit too harsh - apologies! Probably because I was on the lookout for a good game as I was looking for an indie dev to involve on a project (it is not available anymore) and I was literally tired of seeing... The less quality ones. Still, the phrasing could've been nicer, I admit. Still a nice try though! Peace out.

well said

Gave it a go...


Hasn't the game been completed yet? Or is there no end?

Hi the demo has no ending but the actual game has. The game will be available on steam aug 28 2018 for $0.99

I have a Laptop that can only process up to 3Gigs of RAM, so I was wondering if you can set the graphics level?


Well, I can say that it's definitely an interesting idea to make into a game. I would say that you kinda switched between text and voice acting during the demo. I hope you can settle on either text or voice acting. Beyond that, speed up the door opening/closing animation and tone the 'I will kill you' and static volume down a bit .